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What is Splash!

Patterns and Shapes
Calculating angles
Patterns and Shapes
The human eye

Splash! Senior is a powerful Mathematical graphics tool suitable for students aged from eleven up. Drawing, geometry, graphing, measuring, and manipulating number, chemical and algebraic problems. In addition, technical diagrams are all very easy with Splash! Senior. There are comprehensive resources which can be personalised to maths, chemistry and physics syllabuses. Splash! Senior lets you set out and solve algebraic, chemical and physics equations as a keyboard or mouse pointer user. Even switch users can access Splash! using an on-screen keyboard.

That’s what Splash! Senior does for you! It cuts through the difficulties of completing worksheets and provides an enjoyable environment for creative activities.

As well as the resources purchased with Splash! we are building up a shared resource library.  Follow thiis link to view more resources.

(Note: in version 1, Splash! Secondary was named Splash! Senior.  They cover the same age range, and it is just a naming change)