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Exam advice

Students are now using Splash in exams. If the school requests an electronic copy of the exam paper, the paper can be imported into Splash and the student will be able to set out the answers and demonstrate the working out used to find the answer. An electronic copy of the paper can be requested and any extra time or rest breaks that the student requires must also be applied for by the school. Requests for early opening can also be made to the exam board so that the school has time to import the paper in Splash.


How to import a PDF/Exam paper into Splash.

On the Welcome Page, select “Teacher”.

Select the option “Use printed worksheet as background”. You will now be asked to select the file that you wish to import into Splash. The PDF must already be saved onto your laptop/computer in order for Splash to find it.

Once you have selected your file, Splash will start preparing the pages to be available in Splash. If there are multiple pages, as in a GCSE paper, Splash will also generate multiple pages.

You will now be asked to choose which tools you will be needing:

 Import PDF1

It is quite hard to predict all the tools that you might need, especially for a GCSE paper. However, it is possible to change this once you are in Splash. It is recommended for a GCSE paper to choose Maths Equations or the Simple Equation tool. Select “Finish” and the GCSE paper will appear in Splash.


You can now make adjustments, for example: “Zoom In” to enlarge the questions and select the “Text Style” palette to change the size of the numbers or symbols that appear on the screen. In this example the fraction symbol was used to set out the working out:

Import PDF2

If you need to use more tools:

At the top of the screen you will see the current “Activity” that is being used. In this case “Simple Equations”. Click here to open a drop-down bar that will give you all the different options in Splash. For the next question I need the graph tools so I will select “Graph drawing”.


The next question can be answered using the “marker tool” to place the points and the “curved line” tool to create the graph. I also selected “snap to shape” to help place the curved line accurately.

Import PDF4