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Buy Splash!

1: Select version
Splash is available for 2 different age ranges, or both combined.
2: Select licence:

If you need multiple licences and the standard licences are not suitable (for example if you are a local council or authority providing hardware to users throughout your region, or a school/consortium on multiple sites) then please contact us and we will quote for a licence suitable for you.
3: Purchasing options:
You can purchase online using a debit/credit card by clicking here:
The payment is processed by PayPal. It is not necessary to have/create a PayPal account; click on the "Pay with a debit/credit card" link on the next page to make a payment without using a PayPal account.

For schools/councils you can send official orders to us via email to sales@., or by post to Orchard End, Bentley Road, Slough, SL1 5BB

Create quote/pro-forma If you require a quote or pro-forma invoice in order to generate an official order, please click here in order to generate one:

If you wish to pay by cheque or online banking, please use the quote/pro forma option above to create a pro forma. This has details of where to send payment. Schools/councils - if you can send us an official order, it is faster to do so; we will then invoice you.