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What is Splash!

Patterns and Shapes
Calculating angles
Patterns and Shapes
The human eye

Splash! Secondary is a powerful Mathematical graphics tool suitable for students from eleven up. It allows students with a physical disability to carry out maths calculations, draw and measure shapes and graphs and set out and solve equations and it also has tools for creating electrical circuits and chemistry diagrams.

It has been designed for students who are not able to set out calculations or draw shapes using pens, rulers, protractors or compasses and they need an alternative method to demonstrate their mathematical understanding.

Splash does not give the answers, nor does it do any calculations for the student. As it does not make any corrections, the teacher is able to mark and assess the student’s own work. Splash! Secondary can be accessed using a keyboard, mouse or mouse alternative and some users are able to control the software using eye-gaze (we recommend trialling the software for eye-gaze users before purchasing). Students are now using Splash in GCSE exams (more info).